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Need a wedding photographer? Here is why you should always go pro, and why you should hire Kruse Images and Photography

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It has been forever since I actually wrote a blog post….so long in fact that the baby featured in the last post turning four months just turned two.  Bad Shauna.  Perhaps I should make that some sort of resolution to write more.  You might ask why I am suddenly writing today after waiting for so long?  I was inspired speaking with a client this morning about her wedding, and also realized that wedding season is creeping up on all of us, and it is (past) time to start planning.  Speaking with this client, she was talking about how excited she was to hire me because she trusts me, and that is extremely valuable to her after watching someone she knows go through a bad experience with a photographer.  She has also been talking me up to her friends who are getting married as well, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!  I am extremely excited photograph this client’s wedding, since I have started growing with her cute little family already.  I took maternity photos for them before their son was born, then took newborn, 4 month, 8 month and 12 month photos with their son.  So of course she trusts me with one of the most important days of her life since I have already captured so many milestones for her family.  It got me thinking though, how about those people who don’t know me, who haven’t already used my services.  When they are looking at the huge list of Seattle wedding photographers, why should they choose me over all the other wedding photographers out there?    And that inspired me to write this post. (which was first written on random pieces of paper at the beach since I was inspired and didn’t want to lose that inspiration)

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When you are choosing a wedding photographer, the options are almost overwhelming, and in addition to the professional options there is always a friend/uncle/cousin who would be “happy” to do them for free.  Let me start by helping you out and telling you now…DO NOT GO WITH THAT OPTION!  ALWAYS hire a professional for your wedding photos, even if it isn’t me.  I have never had someone come up to me after their wedding and say “I am so glad that we had my friend/uncle/cousin take our wedding photos, they are fantastic!’  But I have had a lot of people talk to me after the fact and tell me how much they wish they had hired me to take their wedding photos instead of letting the friend/uncle/cousin take them.  So please do not make that mistake.  This is not where you should cut corners on your wedding day.  Professional wedding photography is on of the things you should always budget into your wedding.  Always.  It is the one thing that you will have in the years to come to remind you of that very special day, and if those photos aren’t good, or didn’t come out at all, you will always regret not having them to look at when you are old and grey.  Your wedding day is not something you can just redo if the photos don’t come out, it is one day that has to be captured on the move.  Your flowers will fade, the decorations will be thrown out or moved along, and the food will be eaten.  If you get good photos those will last a lifetime, and capture the flowers/food/decorations. Does that make sense? (hopefully you all are nodding your heads)

Maragno Wedding 1769

Okay, so now why should you hire me over all of the other photographers out there?  I am friendly, personable, easy going, efficient and professional.  First let’s address the “friendly and personable” part.  I have heard so many stories of photographers being rude, or gruff when dealing with people at a wedding.  This I don’t get.  I understand that this is YOUR day, and my job is to capture it as perfectly as I can.  Yes, this sometimes means asking people to move so I can get a specific shot, or having to remind your father in law to smile in the family photos, but I do it with a smile and respect.  I also do my best to blend in at your event so that I am not detracting from the atmosphere of your day.

Now for the easy going part.  Easy going does not mean I am going to be lazy, or miss any of the important moments, it just means I deal well with high paced, stressful situations.  My job is to help reduce your stress in any way I can, not to add to it.  You have enough to deal with on your special day without your photographer stressing you out. Here’s an example of me going above and beyond to help prevent a bride from being stressed out.  I was taking photos of the bouquets before the ceremony when I noticed that we were short one.  I let the maid of honor (not the bride!) know, and we called the florist.  The florist couldn’t be reached, but instead of freaking out, I suggested the throw bouquet which was across the park at the reception area.  One of the bridesmaids sent her boyfriend to get it, and the crisis was averted before the bride was even aware of it, and before the ceremony.  Just call me your full service photographer. 🙂

Maragno Wedding 1030

When I started photographing weddings people thought I was crazy.  They would ask “isn’t that so stressful?!”  My honest answer?  No.  Let me tell you why.  I started my professional career in the tourist industry as a manager/photographer.  This was an extremely stressful job; we would load four boats at a time, each with 35 people, and we usually had 10 minutes or less to do it.  Not only would I have to get a beautiful photo during that time, but I also had to convince them that they actually did want to get that photo taken.  While I was doing this, I was also watching my employees to make sure they were doing their jobs, watching for boats coming back so that we could sell the photos, answering questions and directing traffic.  Whew!  So yes, after that a wedding is a piece of cake.

Maragno Wedding 513

On to the next point.  Efficiency.  This applies to the day of the wedding, and to getting you your photos afterwards.  As I said before, your wedding day is your special day.  You shouldn’t have to spend hours getting your posed wedding photos done while everyone else enjoys the party that you paid for.  You should be at the party with your guests celebrating.  My previous experience of having to get great photos in a short amount of time means that I am a master at getting group photos done quickly.  One wedding we finished them so quickly that the DJ was surprised to see us so soon.  During that time we got quite a few posed photos, with family, bridal party, just the couple, just the bride, anything you could possibly want.  A benefit of moving efficiently while doing the posed photos besides being able to enjoy your own party?  That one person who is not thrilled about having to be in the photos, (you know who you are!) barely has time to start complaining or making faces. And that should make everyone smile.

Maragno Wedding 1377

You may wonder why wedding photographers charge so much when they only spend 6-12 hours actually photographing the wedding.  No, we are not at home rolling in $100 bills.  After the event we have to go through the 1,000’s of pictures we took to pick the best ones, and then we edit those so they look their very best when you get them back.  This is a lot of work, and one of the reasons wedding photographers can be pricey. Here’s the efficiency part.  I am a firm believer in getting your photos back to you as quickly as possible while you are still super excited about seeing them.  This may seem like an obvious concept, but I have heard horror stories of people not receiving their photos for 3-5 months or more!  To me this is unacceptable.  Not only do I tell my clients to expect them within a month, but I have never taken more than 2 weeks to get them back.  (although as I get busier, don’t expect them within those two weeks, but be pleasantly surprised if it happens!)  If for some reason I think they might take longer I will communicate with my client on a regular basis and keep them updated.  Not only that, but I post sneak peeks on Facebook ( while I am working on them to keep the excitement going.

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When you hire me, I communicate with you leading all the way up to your wedding, and I absolutely love creative input from my clients.  We create photo lists for must have photos, and work creatively to make sure you photos are exactly what you want.  Why should you hire me?  I am friendly, personable, efficient, easy going, efficient and professional.  I work with you in every way to make sure your special day goes well, and is captured perfectly so that you have it for years to come.  If you need a second opinion, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to refer you to any of my former clients so that they can tell you themselves.  Thank you for reading, and I look forward to photographing your special day!


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  1. Great advise on choosing a pro photographer! So many planning a wedding need to read this! After the wedding the food and flowers are gone but the photos last forever!. Thanks for sharing!

    February 13, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    • Thank you! I think when people are planning their weddings they get so overwhelmed with all the little details and the bills that go with those details, and they forget to prioritize on what they should be spending their money on. The photographs are the only thing that will last forever. (besides the marriage of course!)

      February 13, 2013 at 5:17 pm

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